The Early Adventures Of Mr. Fish

It's my birthday today, so I'm going to indulge myself a little... The first dream I can remember having was animated.  And when I say animated, it's the 1950s-1960-style Disney animation, not the more-lifelike-than-reality animation we have today. It was also the only animated dream I can ever remember having. Anyway, in the dream, I … Continue reading The Early Adventures Of Mr. Fish

July 1980

Several key events from July of 1980, continuing my 30-years-ago reminiscenses: • Sometime around the middle of the month, I saw the Doobie Brothers in concert, with my old Mizzou roommate Bob. This was at the Checkerdome, like the earlier Who concert was, and again we had floor seats. From what I remember, it was … Continue reading July 1980