Speaking Of The Rolling Stones…

A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook, and I just had to pass it along.

At various times, I have tried listing my All-Time-Top-Five-Favorite-Songs (try it sometime; it’s a lot harder than you think), and I usually come up with two Rolling Stones songs—Sympathy for the Devil and Gimme Shelter—in that list, even though I wouldn’t necessarily say that the Stones are one of my top-five favorite bands. Strange, innit?

Anyway, the link leads to a multiple-track “deconstruction” of  the studio recording of Gimme Shelter. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Speaking Of The Rolling Stones…

  1. Interesting trivia from the above link: Sympathy was recorded from June 4-10, 1968. The original line “Who killed Kennedy?” was changed to “Who Killed the Kennedys?” after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated on June 6.

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