On 5K Pace And Sympathy…

"In what was supposed to be kind of a long run, I had to crank it up to basically 5K race pace during the guitar solos on the YaYa’s version of Sympathy for the Devil." This sentence appeared in my post earlier today. And I realize that for some readers, it might not have made … Continue reading On 5K Pace And Sympathy…


The Y In The Sky

The Post-Dispatch asks: Where were you when the Challenger exploded? I was in a job interview with the editor of the Clayton/West Citizen Journals. ("Do you mind if I smoke?" the editor asked at the beginning of the interview. "It's your office," I replied somewhat awkwardly. Am I going to say "yes, I mind," when … Continue reading The Y In The Sky

On Editing

From The Missouri Review today, this blog post on the importance of grammar. An excerpt: Over the holidays, I received the page proofs of my forthcoming collection. It was my last chance to read the book and catch any errors before publication. By this point, the stories had been revised and revised again. Many had already … Continue reading On Editing