On 5K Pace And Sympathy…

“In what was supposed to be kind of a long run, I had to crank it up to basically 5K race pace during the guitar solos on the YaYa’s version of Sympathy for the Devil.”

This sentence appeared in my post earlier today.

And I realize that for some readers, it might not have made much sense.

There is a certain subset of Shoulblog readers who will understand the concept of “cranking it up to basically 5K race pace.” And there’s another (probably regrettably small) subset who will know what I mean when I write of “the guitar solos on the YaYa’s version of Sympathy…” In the Venn Diagram of Shoulblog readers, the intersection of those two subsets is probably very tiny indeed.

But that’s the way it’s gonna be here. I will write about what interests me, hoping that you will get a kick out of some of it, but knowing that nobody will like all of it.

Regarding running in particular, I know it can get pretty tedious to read that stuff if you’re not a runner. I basically confine myself to, at most, one running post a month. On the other hand, if you want to read more about running, there are probably tons of blogs out there for that; may I suggest The Lola Papers, written by someone who both writes and runs a lot better than I do. I don’t know this person, but her blog is a lot of fun.

As for Shoulblog, my goal is to explore a wide variety of topics so that everyone can find something they can sink their teeth into, at least once in a while.


2 thoughts on “On 5K Pace And Sympathy…

  1. I got the “cranking it up to 5k pace”, but you lost me on “Venn diagram”.

    You’ve been pretty prolific in the last 24 hrs – keep ’em comin’!

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