I Know Where The Google Street View Car Is

I’ve now seen the Google Street View Car twice.  This picture was taken the first time, a couple of years ago. That’s me in the red shirt, with my camera backpack and, in my right hand, a sandwich from Jimmy John’s. It was almost certainly a Friday.

I saw the car again a couple of days ago, for only the second time in my life. And it was at exactly the same intersection: Broardway and Pine in downtown St. Louis. True, this time the car was southbound on Broadway, while last time it was westbound on Pine. But still, I think it’s odd that the only times I’ve seen this vehicle have been at precisely the same place.

So I guess we can infer that this is where the Street View car hangs out. If you ever want to set a spell and wait for it to come by, I’d be happy to join you on the steps of the Metropolitan Square building. I’ll even bring lunch.


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