Reading List: January 2012

My Last—And Next—Five Books

Three months ago, I posted a list of the five books I’d read most recently, and a guess at the next five I would read. It seemed like a good idea at the time … and it still seems like a good idea; I think I’ll keep going with it. If nothing else, it’ll keep me reading.

Let me just say, though, that three months is a remarkably short time for me to read five books. I’m typically a pretty slow reader. I did manage a couple of “cheats,” though, that allowed me to get back to this theme so soon. Namely, I’d read about 1-1/2 of these previously, and one of these books isn’t really “book” length. But hey, it’s my list, and I’ll make up the rules.

So, here, in chronological order, are the last five books I’ve read:

1) Banana Rose, by Natalie Goldberg. Goldberg is a New Mexico writer, and I started this while we were in Santa Fe last October. It’s a novel about an artist who lives in Taos; she …Keep reading

Pictures Of 2011

Last year was something of an off year for me, photography-wise. I took a lot of pictures, but nowhere near as many as I’ve taken in some previous years. And a big bunch of photos, some of my favorites, were lost to a computer crash. But life goes on, and here are some of the best of the rest. Like in last year’s post, they’re presented here in chronological order, to the best of my knowledge. As usual, a click on the thumbnail will yield you a larger view in a new tab.

These are our dogs, Molly on the left and Daisy on the right. I would invite you to examine some of the details of this photograph. Specifically, the white thing on Molly’s ear. That’s a bandage. The other detail worth noting is the muzzle over Daisy’s snout. A day or so before this picture was taken, in an unfortunately not-too-uncommon incident, Daisy was playing evil-stepsister and said mouth met said ear, resulting in some muzzle-time for Daisy.

Anyway, the ear healed up, the muzzle was put away, and they got along OK … until the next time they didn’t get along. I try to tell them they’re best friends, but they don’t listen.

March 22, spring came early to St. Louis. It was a beautiful, sunny day, with a bright blue sky, and the …Keep reading