The header at the top of each page of this blog contains a picture; there are actually several rotating pictures, some of my favorites that I’ve taken over the years. Here’s the story behind one of them. A previous picture was discussed here. EDIT: The design of Shoulblog has changed, and because the shape of the header picture has changed, this picture is no longer part of the rotation. You can still read the post, though.

In the middle of downtown St. Louis, just a half-mile or so directly west of the Gateway Arch, sits City Garden. Completed in 2009, it is both a traditional horticultural garden with more than 100 species of flora, and a sculpture garden with all kinds of whimsical statues and works sprinkled throughout.

When you enter from the east, one of the first pieces you see is this disembodied head. Called Eros Bendato by Igor Mitoraj, it’s certainly arresting, but it’s a great gateway into the garden. It works as a reminder to just set aside everything you’ve been thinking about and just let your mind wander into the unexpected for a while.

Another favorite is Pinocchio, officially titled Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels, by Jim Dine. Where have you seen a better depiction of the joy of simply being alive? And who better to express that joy than Pinocchio?

The garden is just a few blocks from where I work, so it’s a great lunchtime hike, particularly if I have my camera. What I particularly like is the setting, among the urban architecture; the sculptures provide a nice contrast when set against the starkly rectangular shapes of the surrounding buildings.

Below are a few more pictures I’ve taken at City Garden over the last couple of years. Clicking on any of them will open a gallery view that will allow you to scroll through them with ease.


City Garden

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