Not Gonna Do It

Nope. I’m not going to post today. I’m not going to challenge the orthodoxy and post something on April first, because half the readers will think, wrongly, I’m trying to pull some kind of prank or something, and the other half won’t get the prank that I’m trying to pull on them.

Oh, sure, I could do something really clever, like tell you I’d recently joined a church. Or that the United States elected a black man as president. Or that a string of 80-degree days in March in St. Louis isn’t indicative of global warming, but a degree- or half-degree rise every few years is. The problem with all of these is that readers, those who remember it’s April Fool’s Day, will be on guard, worried that I’m about to trick them. And people who don’t remember it’s AFD will think I’ve gone ’round the bend.

So I’m just not gonna even bother. No post from me on April Fool’s Day. I’ll come back tomorrow and post something particularly interesting. Cheers.


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