List: Top Five Story Songs — No. 4

4. King Horse, by Elvis Costello.

King Horse on Spotify.

This is, without a doubt, the best juggling song ever.

It’s from Elvis’ best album, Get Happy!, which I was listening to quite a bit in the winter of 1981-82, when I learned how to juggle. Besides being a great song, it has lots of wild starts and stops and timing changes, perfect for throwing in tricks. In fact, the lyric I quoted at the top of yesterday’s post is precisely the point of juggling nirvana, for this or any other song.

As jugglers go, by the way, I claim nothing but amateur status. I can keep three objects in the air pretty well, but try adding a fourth and there are soon four objects on the floor. But three, three I can do. And when I hear this song, my arms start itching to juggle.

My second favorite juggling song is Modern Love by David Bowie. Beyond that, really, any song will do.

Not much of a story, eh? Well, it is No. 4…


By the way, I mentioned that what songs mean to us is often different from what the songwriter originally intended. So what did Elvis Costello intend with King Horse? Some interesting discussion here.


Your turn: what do you think? Leave comments below.

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