I’m gonna swear more in 2013.

I’m going to eat more, exercise less, and simply roll myself wherever I need to go.

I’m going to make darn damn sure my rights under the Berner Convention are protected.

I will park myself on the couch and watch every second of every episode of The Bachelor.

I will “clean up” my friend list, whatever that means.

I want to find a few more celebrities to slavishly follow and always be the FIRST to know what they’re up to.

I’m gonna git me some guns, to protect myself from the government, which I hate hate hate. (Although I love love love my country!)

I will tweet. A lot.

I vow to always find the closest parking space.

I’m going to bark more, and wag less.

Sometime during the year, I might take my tongue out of my cheek. I might.

I’m planning to make some extra money by becoming an e-mail marketer. Send me your address and I’ll add it to my lists!


Your turn: what do you think? Leave comments below.

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