Trade In These Wings On Some Wheels

I was driving to work this morning, listening to The Loft, my new favorite SiriusXM station. The DJ listed the songs he’d just played, including some before I tuned in. One was Thunder Road by Cowboy Junkies. Holy magic in the night! I didn’t know that existed!

I got to work and immediately looked it up on Spotify, and it was just as great as I’d imagined. Thunder Road is one of my all-time Top Five songs, and even though I don’t own any Cowboy Junkies music (why the heck is that, anyway?), I’ve always loved their sound. I really like their interpretation of this song. Singer Margo Timmins even shrugs past the one line in that song that’s always been problematical for me (“You ain’t a beauty, but hey you’re all right”) with a certain savoir faire, and it’s perfect.

Here’s a link to the song on Spotify, if you’re interested:

Cowboy Junkies – Thunder Road


4 thoughts on “Trade In These Wings On Some Wheels

  1. The Junkies are the best band Canada ever produced. They are brilliant and still are making great records. Margo is an amazing unique singer and her brother Michael is a great songwriter & guitar player. They have covered Springsteen many times, including STATE-TROOPER, MY FATHERS HOUSE, YOUR MISSING & BROTHERS UNDER THE BRIDGE.

  2. very well said. They have a certain special sound that no one has ever been able to duplicate. Sometimes, their music is depressing, but other times, it’s very uplifting and encouraging. It’s simply REAL. It never condescends, it never says “things will get better”…it always says “things are what they are…take your chances, and if you play it right, it’ll work out”…and never apologizes.

    • I agree completely with you Nina, except I never find the Junkies depressing. Their music is often sad, very very sad, but like the blues,it gels you get through the day. Hauntingly beautiful.

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