It’s Been 100 Days Since Christmas…

…And that means there are 100 pictures in my picture-a-day blog, Shoulpix. Well, not exactly. I’ve missed a few days, and I’ve made up a few days, but I don’t think I’ve made up as many as I missed. But to apologize, I’m giving you this post at half the regular price!

Anyway, these are my favorite 19 from the bunch. Not necessarily the best, technically, or even the most popular; just the ones I happened to like the best. In looking at them all together like this, I realize how much I like geometry.

Click on any one of them, and it will bring up a cool gallery view. At the bottom of each picture is a link to the Shoulpix page it came from; you can go there for some context, if you want.

I started this Shoulpix thing on Christmas day, the day I got my new pocketable camera. Since then, I’ve taken it just about everywhere with me, and I’m up to 1,766 shots on it in those 100 days. You do the math, and decide whether I’m enjoying the camera!

Now that the weather’s warming up, I’ll probably be taking even more.  And I’ll keep posting one just about every day on Shoulpix, and sometimes many more than one over here on Shoulblog. Hope you see something you like.


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