Woodstock Square

A few shots of the square in Woodstock, Ill., the town where my wife, Jean, grew up. You may recognize some of the locations; the town—particularly the square—was where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed. Woodstock has latched onto the fame it earned from the movie, but trust me, it was a cool place before that.


Jean and her brother Dave.


The historic Woodstock Opera House. In the lobby, you can see historic playbills with performers including Paul Newman, Orson Welles, Tom Bosley and other notables.


The stage of the Opera House.


Inside the Opera House.


View of part of the square from a window in the Opera House.


Lights on the balcony of the Opera House. In the background is the McHenry County Courthouse.



Gazebo in the square was the scene of a lot of action in Groundhog Day.


The spot where  Bill Murray’s character stepped in the puddle.


We had a great lunch in the Woodstock Public House, which is on the ground floor of the courthouse. Part of the restaurant is in the former jail cells of the courthouse. The location has gone through several iterations as bars and restaurants; on the night before our wedding in 1986, family members brought me here and got me thoroughly lubricated for the next day.



The hotel here was where my family stayed the night before our wedding. I don’t remember much about it.



House a couple of blocks off the square, which was also central to a lot of action in Groundhog Day.


Self portrait.



2 thoughts on “Woodstock Square

  1. I remember the extensive lubrication the night before your wedding. Every kept talking about going to play golf before the wedding.

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