Sunday Surfers

Every day, as the morning light began to break over the shore, they were out there. Groups of wetsuit-clad surfers, waiting a few hundred yards or so offshore for just the right waves. For most of the seven days we recently spent in San Diego (Pacific Beach), it seemed like there really weren’t any waves … Continue reading Sunday Surfers


I’m rereading Bird By Bird, a book by Anne Lamott. The subtitle is “Some Instructions About Writing and Life.” Lamott is a writer and writing teacher who lives in California, somewhat neurotic, very funny and a good follow on Facebook. This book is about what it means to be a writer—the work and mindset involved. … Continue reading Rereading

500 Words

I'm not a big advice-giver, but if I've ever given you advice, it might be this: Keep a journal. By this, I mean make a daily habit of writing something, whatever you feel like writing. Write down your dreams, your plans, your fears, your obsessions, or even just what you're having for dinner. You can … Continue reading 500 Words