The Bookstore

I don't mean to brag, but I've gotta tell you, I'm a VERY good procrastinator. If I have a deadline for something next week, you can bet  your last dollar that I'll get to work on it—next week. And so it was that one day a few years ago, I was down to the wire … Continue reading The Bookstore


The Day Aldous Huxley Died

I hadn't listened to Sheryl Crow much lately; I don't currently have any of her CDs on my computer. But the other day I was driving to work and the song "My Favorite Mistake" came on, and I was reminded of what a great song that is, and the general excellence of "The Globe Sessions," … Continue reading The Day Aldous Huxley Died

New Tricks For An Old … Grasshopper

This week the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials are taking place in Omaha, Neb. Since I recently began swimming again after decades away from the pool, I've been watching with extreme interest. Every four years, it seems like the technology for broadcasting the Olympics—and even the Olympic Trials—gets better and better, and the programming folks do … Continue reading New Tricks For An Old … Grasshopper