Back From The Decaf World

Well, I made it. 46 days of Lent, without caffeine, and I survived. I woke up early this morning and brewed a pot of coffee—REAL coffee, not the "decaf" stuff I've been drinking for the last six and a half weeks—and set about to enjoy my day. And it's a beautiful day. Life with caffeine seems … Continue reading Back From The Decaf World


Inspired By Mitt

Sure, there are other reasons I wanted to try life without caffeine for a while. Lent was one, sleep issues another. But there was also something about watching this guy perform in the presidential derby last year that was pretty inspirational. He went toe-to-toe with the president of the United States and, in this first … Continue reading Inspired By Mitt

Day 3

I've pretty much made it through Day 3 without caffeine, and I feel like I may have turned a corner. Day 1 was just as bad as I expected: listlessness, inability to concentrate, and a gnawing headache that persisted all day. I was actually planning to post an update here, but I just didn't have … Continue reading Day 3

Early Bird: I’ll Gladly Give Up The Worm If You’ll Just Let Me Sleep

My alarm clock hasn't gone off all year. It's usually set for something like 5 a.m., but of late I've been finding myself awake—wide awake, unrecoverably awake, electrically awake—at about 3:30 every morning. I reach over, turn the alarm off so it doesn't wake up my wife 90 minutes hence, and get up to start … Continue reading Early Bird: I’ll Gladly Give Up The Worm If You’ll Just Let Me Sleep