Marathon Dreams (Continued)

So I've run two half-marathons this fall. Add 'em up, and that equals ... a marathon! So I should be satisfied, right? Actually, yes, I am pretty happy. The Lewis & Clark Half Marathon on October 3 was my first road half-marathon in several years, and it was also something of a learning experience. Long … Continue reading Marathon Dreams (Continued)

Public Time

I own one working watch. And it doesn't tell time. It's my Garmin Forerunner 305, a GPS running watch that I got last summer. It tells me how long I've been running and how far I've gone (down to the 1/100 of a mile), how fast my heart is beating, how fast I ran the last mile, and any number of other things. It could also tell me the time of day, but I've just never set that function, because I only wear it while I'm running anyway. The rest of the time, I rely on...