The Old Runner

Years ago, when I was running all the time and entering a race or two every month, I'd look at the results and think, "boy, I can't wait 'til I'm in the 60-plus age group." While  I was battling it out with miraculously strong runners my own age, those older guys had a lot less … Continue reading The Old Runner


Apparently, bending over and tying my shoes is worth about 25-40 steps. The act of leaning over to my left side while I'm sitting at my desk, unzipping my briefcase and pulling out a phone-charging cord and then plugging it in, is also worth about 25 steps. Rubbing my wife's shoulders while watching TV, about 30 steps per … Continue reading Fitbit

Suited Up

A pair of tights. A skin-tight shirt made of wicking material. Another shirt, also wicking, with long sleeves and an extended neck. A pair of running pants, or "loose tights" as some call them. A nylon windbreaker jacket. A pair of thick gloves. On my head, a thin knit balaclava as well as a running … Continue reading Suited Up