Trade In These Wings On Some Wheels

I was driving to work this morning, listening to The Loft, my new favorite SiriusXM station. The DJ listed the songs he'd just played, including some before I tuned in. One was Thunder Road by Cowboy Junkies. Holy magic in the night! I didn't know that existed! I got to work and immediately looked it … Continue reading Trade In These Wings On Some Wheels

List: Top Five Story Songs—No. 5

"You see, I knew that song so long before we met, that it means so much more than it might" —Elvis Costello, King Horse Elvis is onto something here, I think. There are certain songs that take on meanings that are far beyond whatever the songs are "about." Surely everybody has their own songs like … Continue reading List: Top Five Story Songs—No. 5


As a music lover (aren't we all?), I'm sometimes surprised when I find out that a song I've listened to dozens or hundreds of times turns out to be a cover of someone else's song. Surprised and embarrassed, because as a fan, I always feel I should have known better. My most spectacular faceplant in … Continue reading Covers