Seagulls And Sunrises

This land belongs to the gulls
And the gulls to their cry
And their cry to the wind
And their cry to the wind
—David Gray


Michigan City. It’s a town of about 30,000 people, nestled in the northwest corner of Indiana, across the bottom of Lake Michigan from Chicago. My family has vacationed there for upwards of 20 years, and in that time feel like I’ve exhausted just about every local photographic subject. Except recently, I’ve discovered two (sometimes overlapping) themes that seem to present different opportunities every day—seagulls and sunrises.

So here are a few snaps I’ve taken this summer. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. (As always, you can click on the thumbnails for a larger view.)

Sunrise On The Beach, Continued

Woke up, peeked through the blinds, and all I could see in the sky was red.

Checked my phone: 4:58 a.m. Plenty of time to get down to the beach for some pictures before we had to finish packing and clean up. Threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and hustled down as fast as I could. By the time I got there, most of the original red in the sky was gone, but I still managed to capture a pretty cool sunrise.

After the sun was comfortably up, I looked up the beach; it looked like someone was out walking their dog. But that was a very big dog … I attached the zoom lens, and surprise, it was a deer, two deer, THREE deer, frolicking on the beach and answering my wishes from yesterday. I snapped a few pictures before they hustled back up into the dunes. But then, a few minutes later, two more deer came down to get a drink. Maybe it was two of the original three, I don’t know, but it was sure a nice sendoff to end my vacation.

All in all, I ended up shooting about twice as many pictures this morning as I had all of the last week. Some of the highlights are below: you can click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Oh yeah, and it was a beautiful morning … the first one all week, and we had to leave.


The Arch At Sunrise

Spring Break for my family meant that I could leave home early this morning; a clear sky meant that I was able to do something I’ve never done before, which is to stroll around the Gateway Arch grounds at sunrise.

It was a combination of my favorite photographic subject and my favorite time of day.

Click on the thumbnails below for some of the results.