I’m rereading Bird By Bird, a book by Anne Lamott. The subtitle is “Some Instructions About Writing and Life.” Lamott is a writer and writing teacher who lives in California, somewhat neurotic, very funny and a good follow on Facebook. This book is about what it means to be a writer—the work and mindset involved. … Continue reading Rereading


A Great Honor And An Awesome Responsibility

For a few minutes yesterday, I had the most important job in the world. I had the great honor of officiating at the wedding of my nephew David and his love, Amanda. My role in the wedding was to write, and say, a few words, which will soon be forgotten. My real responsibility was to … Continue reading A Great Honor And An Awesome Responsibility

500 Words

I'm not a big advice-giver, but if I've ever given you advice, it might be this: Keep a journal. By this, I mean make a daily habit of writing something, whatever you feel like writing. Write down your dreams, your plans, your fears, your obsessions, or even just what you're having for dinner. You can … Continue reading 500 Words