Top 10 Embarrassments Of Trump’s First Year In Office

This wasn’t an easy post to write. I first thought about compiling a list of the embarrassing stuff Trump has done late in the fall of 2017. But as 2018 has begun, in just the first three weeks we’ve been overwhelmed with news stories; probably half a dozen things have happened this year that, if … Continue reading Top 10 Embarrassments Of Trump’s First Year In Office


Today’s Word: Collusion

Spell it: C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N Define it: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose • acting in collusion with the enemy (Miriam Webster) Use it in a sentence: "I think it's been proven that there's no collusion." (President Donald Trump, 16 times in his December 28 interview with the New York Times, and just about every … Continue reading Today’s Word: Collusion

U2 In Jersey

Our trip to New Jersey was bracketed by two epic musical events: the Hoover Hootenanny our first night, and a U2 concert at MetLife Stadium our final night. I’d never seen U2 before, but always wanted to. This year, in particular, was special, because the band is touring to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their … Continue reading U2 In Jersey

The Hoot

One week ago tonight, I was privileged to attend The Hoover Hootenanny in Asbury Park, N.J.. This was the sixth go-round for the Hootenanny, but, for one reason or another—mostly because they’re in Asbury Park and I live a thousand miles away in St. Louis—I was never able to attend before. But this year, with a … Continue reading The Hoot

Reading List: My Last (And Next) Five Books, March 2017

The election of our first woman president was a momentous occasion, and I decided to commemorate the milestone by reading a lot of books by female authors this year. Oh, wait… Turns out, we didn’t elect a woman president. (Well, WE did, but the Electoral College chose someone else, but that’s another story…) I’m not … Continue reading Reading List: My Last (And Next) Five Books, March 2017