Books From The 'Teens

When I think about the books that are honored as the top reads in a given year, I usually find that I haven't read even a tiny percentage of the "best" books listed. I'm a decent reader; I have an annual goal of 25 books in a year, and I usually get fairly close to … Continue reading Books From The 'Teens

The Singers

My dad said he didn’t sleep well his first night in the assisted-living facility. It was because of the music. Dad plays the piano at his 99th birthday celebration last July. This was in October. After some eight years in an associated independent living facility down the street, he’d had two hospitalizations in six months, … Continue reading The Singers


I’m rereading Bird By Bird, a book by Anne Lamott. The subtitle is “Some Instructions About Writing and Life.” Lamott is a writer and writing teacher who lives in California, somewhat neurotic, very funny and a good follow on Facebook. This book is about what it means to be a writer—the work and mindset involved. … Continue reading Rereading