I Know Where The Google Street View Car Is

I’ve now seen the Google Street View Car twice.  This picture was taken the first time, a couple of years ago. That’s me in the red shirt, with my camera backpack and, in my right hand, a sandwich from Jimmy John’s. It was almost certainly a Friday.

I saw the car again a couple of days ago, for only the second time in my life. And it was at exactly the same intersection: Broardway and Pine in downtown St. Louis. True, this time the car was …Keep reading

List: Top Five Fixes For Major League Baseball

Fixing baseball from the ground up

OK, let’s be clear: we all love baseball. We’re Americans; it’s our sport. But we all know that baseball has problems. Here are my suggestions for ways to make it better.

Will any of these be implemented in our lifetimes? Not a chance, particularly the further down the list you go.

5) Dump The “Uncaught Third Strike” Rule. If you strike out, you’re out, simple enough. This rule comes into play way too often in the kids’ league I’m involved in. I suppose it adds some …Keep reading